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Reasons Why Castle Leslie is the Best Wedding Venue in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland host some of Europe's most gorgeous wedding venues. Getting married is like a fairy tale brought to life and what better venue to execute one's dream wedding than a castle! Fortunately, Ireland is filled with exotic castles and Castle Leslie weddings in Dublin are among its most sought-after wedding settings.

Famous photographers and video grapher like Films By Max just can't get enough of the aesthetic pleasure offered at Castle Leslie.

A wedding is a major event in a person's life involving a wide variety of activities., each requiring its own individual space at the venue. There is plenty of space at Castle Leslie that can accommodate different activities related to the wedding such as the bride's dressing room, the catering area, the kitchen, the reception and the ballroom.

Castle Leslie is a 1000acre wide estate located an hour away from Belfast and is surrounded by lakes and gorgeous scenery. Beyond this, there are a bunch of other reasons to host a wedding at Castle Leslie, some of which are mentioned in the following.

Grand Castle Interiors

Castle Leslie was completed back in 1871, making it one of the oldest Castles in Ireland. The architecture is similar to the early 17th-century Scottish Baronial style. Its grand interior decor enhances the aesthetic feel of any picture or video being taken on its premises without distracting the interest of the viewer away from the bride and groom. There are plenty of natural light sources within the castle making it an absolute treat for a video grapher to work in.

Home-like Decor and Furniture

Unlike other Castles, Castle Leslie has access to plenty of sunlight throughout the day. It has a homely ceremony room containing wooden furniture and floorboards. The colour tones here are a combination of warmth, rustic and earthly. In the ceremony room, light can find its way through the giant window facing the lake.

Wide Open Castle Grounds

Many wedding venues often find it difficult to accommodate large groups of invitees. Castle Leslie however has plenty of room in its wide open grounds to host a full-scale wedding. All the guests can enjoy the events included in the wedding itinerary under the wide open sky, breathing fresh and relaxing under nature's bosom.

Excellent Staff Behavior

A Castle Leslie wedding in Dublin is executed with absolute excellence. Even the staff here maintain professional yet friendly behavior while serving the guests delicious delicacies. The catering to the whole wedding is orchestrated perfectly at all times.

A Paradise for Videographers

A charming secret can be discovered when exploring the castle grounds. There is a secluded location nestled between the waters, the boat house and dense forest greenery. This is the perfect setting for taking amazing portraits and videos of the bride and groom.

Suitable For All Weathers

Bad weather is like the bane at every wedding. Rain clouds block out the source of natural light making it extremely difficult for photographers and video graphers to balance the colour in their footage. At Castle Leslie, there are plenty of options available to lighten the mood under bad weather. The entire wedding party can take place indoors, sheltering the guests from the rain. Even if the weather remains gloomy, guests can still enjoy the outdoors through the glass walls of the greenhouse.

An abundance of Natural Light

Natural Light is the number one ally to anyone using a camera. Videos footage and photos shot in natural light settings give the best output. The natural colour tone has a relaxing effect on the eyes and enhances the beauty of every shot.


Starting a new life together is as scary as it is exciting, but having a wedding at Castle Leslie would only add more weight to the exciting side of it. Castle Leslie Weddings in Dublin is famous for their grand scale and cinematic beauty. It is a terrific venue for hosting weddings in Ireland and offers a certain artistic appeal for many famous wedding video graphers.

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